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At Beautiful Lawns, we're all about one thing: making your yard the envy of the block. We use top-quality, slow-release fertilizer and weed control that beats anything off the shelf at those big box stores. Plus, being local, we know our lawns inside out. And rest assured, we stand by our work and are just a phone call away if you have any concerns.

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At Beautiful Lawns, we provide personalized annual lawn maintenance programs like Fertilization and Weed Control to keep your lawn thriving annually. With 5 regular applications each year, tailored to our lawn care schedule, your lawn gets the nutrients it needs for lush, green growth. From root care to weed control, our plans cover all your lawn care needs for a beautiful yard every season.

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Aeration with Over-seeding


Our first application consists of fertilizer with pre-emergent crabgrass control along with tackling the weeds which are present.

Early Summer

We fertilize providing nutrients to the soil, strengthening the root system helping to discourage the growth of weeds and the return of crabgrass.At the same time addressing any weeds that are present.

Late Summer

We fertilize using the best product available to control grubs, chinch bugs, and sod webworms. Zap any crab crabgrass that may have returned and, as always, address any weeds.

Early Fall

We fertilize your lawn giving it a late season boost. Plus, we handle late season weeds, grubs, and insects as necessary to keep it healthy.

Late Fall

We apply fertilizer to help winterize your lawn for our long winters, enhancing the hardiness of the root system. Plus, we give your lawn one last dose of weed control to keep it healthy until spring.


Below, you'll find answers to questions we frequently receive.

Do you do other lawn maintenance? Like mowing, spring/fall clean ups etc.?

No. We only do what is listed under the Our Services on this website.

How do I know what products you are placing on my lawn?

In the initial contract we provide, you'll find a comprehensive list of the products we use and their proposed application schedule. Following each treatment, you'll receive a door hanger containing details of the application and recommended steps for optimal results.

Can I start the annual program at any time of the year?

While we recommend starting in the early spring, it is possible to hop into our annual program at any time of the year. Please reach out to us and we can we figure out the best way to get going.

Are the products you applying safe for my family and the environment?

All our products meet or exceed both the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the NYS Department of Environmental Conservations standards.

When can families and pets return to serviced areas?

After each treatment, we'll place multiple yellow signs to indicate our visit. Inside the door hanger we leave behind, you'll find an insert titled "TODAY…" on the back of which provides you with this information.

How long will it take for treatments to take effect?

Of course; weather conditions have a role in all we do but; in general the fertilizer we use is slow release and starts providing nutrients to your lawn immediately. Watering helps the effectiveness of each application. Weeds may take 7 to 10 days to show signs of dying.

It rained right after my lawn was treated, is it still going to work?

When it comes to most products, a good rain before or after your Beautiful Lawns application does wonders. Water is the lifeblood and a key ingredient for your plants, helping them soak up essential nutrients from the soil. Once our Beautiful Lawns magic is absorbed, it sticks around rain or shine.

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